Club History

Charter Members, Past Presidents, Paul Harris Fellows

Club Chartered:   23rd November 1966
Sponsored by:   The Rotary Club of Salisbury
 The first meeting of the Rotary Club of Elizabeth was held at the Lyell McEwin Hospital on 3rd October 1966.  The meeting, I am told, started 10 minutes late, which has been an excuse ever since for tardy presidents when a reason for lateness is needed!

The Club was chartered at a function held in the Octagon Theatre by the District Governor Fergus Ballantyne.

Charter Members:
Colin Freeman, President Ian Dunstan, Vice-President
John Joel, Secretary John Willshire, Treasurer
Ian Markey, Sergeant-at Arms John Hoey, Director, Vocational Service
Paddy King, Director, International Service George King, Director, Community Service
John Bulmer, member Robert Booker, member
John Bigg, member Edward Constable, member
Laurie Collier, member Max Duffield, member
Justin Franklin, member Reg Green, member
John Gardner, member Kurt Heuer, member
Laurie Hunt, member Harold Holman, member
Arthur Humphries, member James Lewis, member
Robert Neller, member Patrick Quigley, member
Robert Roll, member David Robinson, member
Leo Verschoor, member Arthur Woollacott, member



 Club Presidents:
1966/67 Colin Freeman
1967/68 Ian Henderson Dunstan
1968/69 Jack Hoey 1969/70 John Joel OAM (Dec)
1970/71 Colin Hainsworth 1971/72 Arthur S Woollacott (Dec)
1972/73 Donald K Rogers (Dec)  1973/74 Brian Hannaford 
1974/75 Horrie Knight (Dec)  1975/76 Fred Humphreys (Dec) 
1976/77 Ray Frost (Dec)  1977/78  Charlie Booth (Dec)
1978/79  John Cannon (Dec) 1979/80  Gordon Greig (Dec) 
1980/81 Cyril Howard (Dec) 1981/82  Agnelo de Sousa 
1982/83  Rolly Dickins (Dec)
1983/84 Arthur Eason (Dec) 
1984/85 Lyle Green  1985/86 Bob Langrehr (Dec) 
1986/87  Bill Hancock  1987/88  Rolf Eidam 
1988/89  Ian Murray  1989/90  Les Brazier
1990/91  Richard Green (Dec)  1991/92  Wes Robinson (Dec) 
1992/93  Ron Watts (Dec) 1993/94  Pat Quigley (Dec)
1994/95  Kurt Lehmann (Dec)  1995/96  Reg Driver 
1996/97  Brett Dixon  1997/98  John Watson 
1998/99  Alun Hughes  1999/00  Theo Nitz 
 2000/01  Sheila Hall AM  2001/02 Alun Hughes 
 2002/03  Bob Triggs  2003/04 Brian Alford 
 2004/05 Theo Nitz   2005/06 Laurie Hunt (Dec)
 2006/07 Les Brazier   2007/08  David Adamson 
 2008/09 Elizabeth Adamson(Dec)  2009/10 Raelene Trickett 
 2010/11 Rolly Dickins (Dec)  2011/12 David Adamson 
 2012/13 Alun Hughes  2013/14 Linda Brown
 2014/15 Raelene Trickett  2015/16 Jim Buckoke
 2016/17 Jim Buckoke  2017/18  Alan Murphy
 2018/19 Elizabeth Adamson(Dec)  2019/20  Eryn Halls
2020/21 Anthony James


 Regular meetings of the Club were held at the Elizabeth Hotel on Philip Highway on Wednesday night at 6.00pm.  In 1969 the Club moved to the Kariwara Hotel on Peachey road, still on Wednesdays but at 6.30pm.  A change of ownership of the hotel in 1985 brought a change of policy and the Club moved to the Elizabeth Brass Band Club requiring a meeting night change to Monday nights.

In 1995, the sudden closure of the Band Club forced a hasty search and relocation to the Central District Football Club.  In 2005 it was agreed, after much discussion and debate, that the Club needed a new start by changing the venue to a hall in Elizabeth Grove owned by Les Brazier known as ‘The Grove Venue’.  We moved there early in 2006, and this proved to be a great decision. 

On the proposed sale of the ‘Venue’ in September 2012 the Club moved to The Grenville Community Hub in Playford Boulevard, close to the City of Playford Civic Centre and this is proving to be a positive move.

Paul Harris Fellows :
 The Club recognises people from the community or Rotarians, for exceptional service to the Club and or the Community, by recognising them as Paul Harris Fellows.  To do this the Club must contribute $US1000 to the Annual Programs Fund for each Paul Harris Fellow

Don Rogers (Post-Hum) 1977 Horrie Knight (Dec) 1979
Cyril Howard (Dec) 1983 John Joel OAM (Dec) 1986
Gordon Greig (Dec) 1988 Rolly Dickins (Dec)
Chris Illiopoulos 1988
Isabella Greig (Dec)
1989 Max Homes (Dec) 1989
Ray Frost (Post-Hum) 1989 Fred Humphreys (Dec) 1990
Arthur Eason (Dec) 1990 Colin Hainsworth 1990
Ray Broughton 1991 Charlie Booth (Dec) 1991 
Les Brazier 1991  Bob Langrehr (Dec)  1991 
Bill Hancock 1992  Laurie Hunt (Dec) 1992 
Pat Quigley (Dec)
1993  Reg Driver  1993 
Archie Forrest  1993  Bill Hall  1993 
Richard Green (Dec) 1994  Ron Watts (Dec) 1994 
Delwyn Watts  1994  Ian Murray  1995 
John Cannon (Dec) 1995  Alun Hughes  1996 
John Watson  1996  Joy Readett  1996 
Wes Robinson (Dec)  1997  Alan Catmur  1997 
Brett Dixon  1998  Karon Robinson  1998 
Theo Nitz  1999  George Morris (Dec) 1999 
Sheila Hall AM  2000  Hazel Brazier  2000 
Janet Watson (Dec)  2000  Doris Quigley (Dec)  2002 
Ruth Hunt  2003 Bessie Robinson (Dickins) 2004 
Vicky Hughes (Dec) 2004  Les Brazier Sapphire  2004 
Margaret Green  2005  Bob Triggs  2005 
Brian Alford  2005  Val Driver (Dec)  2005 
Judith Nitz  2005  Dick Pratt (Dec)  2006 
Stan Tose (Dec)  2006  Dot Morris  2006 
Elizabeth Adamson (Dec) 2007  David Adamson  2007 
Les Brazier – Sapphire +3 2007
Claire Korner  2008  Linda Brown  2008 
Eddie Patterson (Dec) 2009  Theo Nitz – Sapphire 2009 
Raelene Trickett  2010  Helen Driver  2010 
Reg Driver – Sapphire 2011 Alun Hughes – Sapphire 2011
Theo Nitz – Sapphire +2 2011
Pat Quigley – Sapphire (Dec)
2012 Laurie Hunt-Sapphire (Dec) 2012 
Jim Buckoke 2012 Vivienne Valladares 2012
Raelene Trickett – Sapphire 2013 Reg Driver – Sapphire
Ron Watts – Sapphire (Dec)
2013 Judith Nitz – Sapphire (Dec)
Elizabeth Adamson- Sapphire(Dec) 2013 David Adamson – Sapphire 2013
Pandiyan Thevar 2014 Dorothy Joel 2014
Isabella Greig – Sapphire 2014 Delwyn Watts – Sapphire
Sian Campbell 2015 Alan Murphy 2016
Jim Buckoke – Sapphire 2016 Reg Driver – Sapphire +2 2016
David Adamson Sapphire +2 2016 Raelene Trickett -Sapphire +2 2016
Viv Valladares – Sapphire 2017 Jackie Webb 2017
Rohan Watts 2017 Glenn Docherty 2017
Elizabeth Adamson Sapphire +2(Dec) 2018 Shirley Halls 2018
Anthony James 2018


 Ron Watts Award:
In 2016, in recognition of the work and contribution to Rotary and to the club of former member PP Ron Watts, the Club decided to present annually a trophy to an exemplary member of the club for that year.
2016: Alan Murphy
2017: Raelene Trickett
2018: Anthony James
Other Special Awards:

Ron Watts 1989 Australia Day Citizen Award, City of Elizabeth
Citizen of the Year.

Dot Morris  2001  Diamond Friend ARHRF (Australian Rotary Health Research Foundation)

Brian Alford  2008  Special DG Citation (Centurion Club)

Theo Nitz  2011 District Governor’s award for service as District Treasurer over two years, made Paul Harris Fellow Double Sapphire

Alun Hughes, PDG, received a special Paul Harris Fellow Award (Double Sapphire) from the retiring District Governor Eric Russell, June 2012, for services to the District.

Gay Smallwood-Smith, Paul Harris Fellow (2005) and PHF Sapphire+2 (2013), awarded by the Rotary Club of Munno Para

David Adamson, Tea Tree Gully’s Outstanding Citizen of the Year 2017


The Rotary Club of Munno Para  (-our first daughter club)

At the 1981 Christmas meeting in President Agnelo De Sousa’s year, IPP Cyril Howard said to PE Rolly Dickins, “How about me starting  a new Club in your year Rolly?”  And so it began – our first daughter club was on the way.

An extension committee was formed consisting of IPP Cyril Howard as chairman, Frederick Stokes-Thompson as Secretary, PP Colin Hainsworth and Rotarians Ralph Hall and Kevin Marks to meet at the Kariwara Hotel where our club then held its meetings.

The committee first met on 17 March, 1982.  On 22nd March, DG Bob Perryman appointed PP Cyril as his special representative to form the new provisional Rotary Club, which was to share the same territory as our own club.

District Extension Officer PDG John May attended the April meeting.  The map of our territory was to be divided into many small areas, one to be given to each Elizabeth Rotarian so that he could list business and associated men to be included in a master “follow-up” list.

It is special for anyone to be involved in the creation of a new Rotary Club because this is where Rotary’s true growth comes from.  And involved we were!  Every Rotarian was urged to survey his own section of the map for prospective members, noting that the usual confidentiality of respective membership in an existing club would not apply.  We all went briskly about this business.

These prospective members were then invited to learn more about Rotary at a meeting in September and at a major interest meeting on 5th October,1982.  In the mean time, comprehensive plans were put in hand with PP John Joel, for a Charter Night at the Octogon Theatre on 27th November 1982, covering all the various details for the assembly of a large number of people.  By this time the extension committee had tentatively decided that the new club would be known as “The Rotary Club of Munno Para”.

The major interest meeting, which was held in the dining room of the Smithfield Hotel on 5th October 1982, became the first meeting of the provisional Rotary Club of Munno Para.  It was attended by PDG Jack Turner, PP Cyril Howard with members of the extension committee, and President Rolly Dickins with numerous members of the Elizabeth Club.

It was interesting that all of the prospective members who attended became Charter Members.

At this meeting it was resolved that Rotarian Theo Ruckert be inducted into the Rotary Club of Munno Para as Charter President.  Rotarian Theo, an experienced member of the Whyalla Club, had joined the Elizabeth Club earlier in the year.  The fearsome reputation of the future Munno Para Sergeant-at-arms was well founded at this meeting when acting Sergeant Rod Thom raised $8.10.

Regular meetings of the enthusiastic new club were held during October.  On 7th November, 1982, the Munno Para Rotarians became involved in their first community service activity when they assisted the Elizabeth Club at the Lyell McEwin Hospital Fete.

A letter from Rotary International dated 10th November 1982 confirmed the inauguration of a new club effective from that date.

The charter meeting of the Rotary Club of Munno Para took place as planned at the Octogon Theatre on 27th November.  It was a wonderful night that brought great joy to President Rolly Dickins and to Past President Cyril Howard.  Past President John Joel was Master of Ceremonies.  Among the more than 250 who were present were District Governor Roly Day and Past District Governor John May..

Infomation from extension committee minutes prepared by Secretary Frederick Stokes-Thompson and from PP Cliff Tingey (Munno Para) and PP Arthur Eason (Elizabeth).

The Rotary Club of Munno Para handed in their charter on June 30th 2013.  After many years of valuable Rotary service, all members received a Paul Harris Fellow Sapphire +1 Award, and most have transferred their membership to other local Rotary Clubs.


The Rotary Club of Two Wells  (-our second daughter club)

In August 1987 the Board of the Rotary Club of Elizabeth appointed PP Rolly Dickins, PP Max Holmes, IPP Bill Hancock and PE Ian Murray to be an extension committee for the formation of a Rotary Club at Two Wells.  The Rotary Club of Gawler had done some preliminary work on this through PDG Roly Day, a member of Gawler Club. Roly approached Rolly Dickins who was at that stage living in Two Wells.  The extension committee encouraged twelve Rotarians from our Club to interview 39 prospective members from the Two Wells district.   Two Wells introductory letter

At a meeting on the 10th March 1988 chaired by PP Max Holmes, with 16 prospective members present (and 3 appologies), together with President Rolf Eldam from the Elizabeth Club, with IPP Bill Hancock, PE Ian Murray, and PP Rolly Dickins and from the Gawler Club PDG Roly Day, met to form the provisional Rotary Club of Two Wells.  PP Max Holmes was advised to apply for Chartership of the Club, and a committee was formed, led by PP John Joel to assist with the organisation of the Charter Night which was held on June 18th 1988.


Charter Members on the night June 18th 1988







On Friday, December 2nd 2011, The Rotary Club of Two Wells handed in it’s Charter to the District Governor; representing DG Eric Russell was Past District Governor Ed King.
Though it was a sad occasion, there was much to celebrate, considering the tremendous achievements of the Club over the years.  The District of Two Wells has benefited greatly by the Club’s input.  An article from the Echo of the occasion is inserted below.

The Rotary Club of Playford  (-our third daughter club)

In 1993 Rotarian Bill Hall raised the possibility of the Rotary Club of Elizabeth starting a lunchtime Club in the Playford area. The idea was discussed but it was not till March 1995 that the matter was given serious consideration and Bill was appointed District Governor’s Representative.

In September 1995 after a great deal of negotiation over all local Rotary Club boundaries and Constitutions, Rotary International at Parramatta eventually gave permission to start a Provisional Club.

Despite having three interest meetings at the end of 1995, the working group only really

got down to business at the start of 1996 when it was decided that the new Club should meet for breakfast instead of at lunch time. Progress was slow, but with determination Bill stuck to his Rotary Dream assisted by the support of his wife, Rotarian Sheila, and the help of Past Presidents Ron Watts, Richard Green, Reg Driver, John Cannon, Pat Quigley, Colin Hainsworth, Bob Arstall (Rotary Club of Munno Para) and Pres. Elect Dennis Underwood (Rotary Club of Salisbury). The committee greatly appreciated the excellent support given at this stage by incoming Rotarian George Shaw.


The Club was chartered April 1st 1998


Charter Members of the Playford Club with DG Peter Thomas

Back Row: Richard Goldych, George Shaw, PP Gordon Greig, Paul Gale, Joe Caruso, PP Ron Watts, Brian Vears.

Middle Row: Val Kirk, Robyn Walker, Christine Hutchins, Nancy Muscat, Lyn Shaw, Fran Whittingham, Graeme Whelan.

Front Row: Gladys Lehmann, John Watson, Bill Hall, DG Peter Thomas, David Welch, Sandra Webb

(picture courtesy Pat Quigley)



Community Awards

On Australia Day, the City of Playford recognises the outstanding achievements of community members and local heroes through the City of Playford Australia Day Awards. These awards acknowledge the valued work and commitment of our unsung heroes who give generously of their time and expertise to help others.

Being nominated for an Australia Day Award is a great honour and is a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to someone who makes you proud to be Australian.

The Rotary Club of Elizabeth is proud to acknowledge the following members who have been Playford Council’s Australia Day Award, Citizen of the Year, 

2002 Les Brazier

2007 Reg Driver

2010 Pat Quigley















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